Dumplings $8

Pan seared, garlic chive dumplings, black vinegar, chilli oil

VV GF- without sauce


Baby Bok Choy $6

Shallot, chilli, garlic, tamari


Turnip Cake $7

Duck, dried shrimp, scallion, black vinegar, chilli oil (contains shellfish)

GF-without sauce VV option with pickled shiitake & carrot

Rice Crepe Roll $8

Crispy rice crepe, pork belly, prawn, herbs, rice paper

GF VV option with lemongrass tofu and vegan fish sauce


Pomelo Salad $9

Chicken, prawn, carrot, herbs, peanut, fish sauce



Brisket Croquette $8

Braised brisket, potato, béchamel, Sriracha mayo

Sea Bass Crudo $9

Thinly sliced sea bass, Big Trouble Pizza pepper jelly, Red Boat fish sauce, avocado, cucumber, black sesame



Cauliflower $8

Fried cauliflower, caramel fish sauce, dried shrimp, fried egg, puffed rice (Contains shellfish)



Prawns & Shishitos $12

Fried prawns, blistered shishito peppers, roasted salt, lime, herbs


“Shaking” Beef $12

Seared flat iron, fish sauce, watercress, lime


“Pok Pok” Wings $12

Caramel fish sauce, peanut, lime (contains shellfish)


Bánh Mì $10

BBQ duck, house-made headcheese, chicken liver pâté, kewpie mayo pickle, cucumber, herbs,

V option available with king oyster, bok choy, chilli and garlic 

Brown Rice Congee $11

Lemongrass tofu, pickled veg, fried shallot, cured five spice egg yolk, herbs (contains dairy)

GF V VV option available

Beef Pho $12

Beef rice noodle soup, well done beef and rare beef, herbs, lime


Vegetable Pho $12

Vegetable rice noodle soup, king oyster mushroom, baby bok choy, lemongrass tofu, herbs, lime, chilli oil


Pho Bo Kho AKA PBK $12

Dry rice noodle, reduced aromatic beef stew, carrot, celeriac, herbs, lime