What to eat:

Bánh Hẹ 8

Garlic chives in rice dumpling, pan seared, black vinegar, chilli oil


Bánh Xèo 8

Crispy rice crepe, pork belly and prawn, herbs wrapped in rice paper

*Vegetarian option available

Gỏi Bắp Chuối 7

Banana blossom, chicken, bean sprout, herbs, peanuts, fish sauce

Kho Quẹt 8

Cauliflower, caramel fish sauce, puffed rice, fried egg


Tôm Rang Muối 12

Fried prawns, blistered shishito pepper, fish sauce, salt and pepper


Bò Lúc Lắc 12

Seared beef, watercress, pickled onion, lime, salt and pepper


Pok Pok Wings 12

Fried chicken wings, caramel fish sauce, fried garlic, shallot and toasted peanut


Bánh Mì 10

Vietnamese baguette, char siu duck, head cheese, pâté, pickles, herbs

Cháo $11

Brown rice congee, pickled shiitake, pickled mustard green, lemongrass tofu, cured egg yolk

Phở Bò Kho 12

Rice noodles, spiced beef stew, root vegetables, basil, lime 

Phở Bò 12

Beef Pho, well done beef, rare beef, rice noodles, herbs, lime

 Phỏ Vegetarian 11

Vegetable Pho, bok choy, king oyster mushroom, tofu, chilli

Mì Gói 9

Instant noodles - the kind you’d like after 2am!

*only available weekends after 2am